The Ultimate Bundle

2 reviews

The Ultimate Bundle

2 reviews
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Color: Matte Slate
The Shift helps you quickly and easily combat anxiety by slowing your breathing. It’s a functional, elegant piece of jewelry that you wear against your heart, both as a tool and a gentle reminder to protect your wellbeing.

The Classic Shift

  • Pendant and chain made of 316 high polish stainless steel
  • The Shift pendant measures 2 inches in length
  • Precise circumference supports a 10 second exhale
  • Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere
  • Durable so you can wear it all the time

Luxe Chain

  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Box chain, 2.0mm wide
  • Lobster clasp

Care Kit

  • Soft microfiber silk cloth to shine and clean your Shift and chain
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solution
  • Two bristled brushes to scrub and clean the inside of your Shift


  • Created with Komuso co-founder Daniel Epstein, a licensed psychotherapist, Rotezen is a guided journal, a 3-month planner, and a source of inspiration that delivers peace of mind and meaningful change through micro-adjustments to your routine.

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What is the Shift?
The Shift is a necklace concept that simply slows your exhale to 8+ seconds which triggers your vagus nerve to calm your nervous system. There’s no app, batteries, or chemicals involved…it just leverages a proven breath technique that calms you naturally and silently. It's like an anchor that's always there to keep you calm and cool.

It's just a straw right?
The Shift is the first of its kind so we can appreciate the initial confusion. We were inspired by a proven straw breathing technique to silently calm the mind but wanted to design something more practical and worn as a commitment to breathing better. We use medical grade 316 stainless steel with precious metal colors baked though so it can be used safely everyday. We also tested and patented the tube length and diameter in order to create ideal exhalations that physiologically trigger calm. You could absolutely use a straw but we found that random sizing can be ineffective and flatten in your pocket. Wearing The Shift as a necklace is a commitment to breathing better as a daily habit which makes you feel better whenever you need a breather.

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We're proud to have been featured in a number of publications as we strive to increase awareness around the potential of better breathing.

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Through breath, you can help your loved ones lower anxiety, reduce stress, sleep better, feel calm, and increase peace of mind. As we strive to raise awareness around our breathing problem, and help people learn to breath and think better, we need your help.