According to our anxiety riddled fashion director who bought one in January, it works.

With ancient wisdom and modern science in mind, the Shift is a simple, tech-free, mindfulness tool that is extraordinarily soothing.

It feels like a wearable security blanket.

Over 200,000 happy customers and counting.

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When you breathe better, you feel better. This is your Shift.

The Shift slows your breath to reverse anxiety in seconds.

Patent Awarded design, the Shift silently guides long exhales that trigger the vagus nerve to calm the mind and body. Wearing the Shift creates the habit of breathing better so you can do life better.


The Fastest Calm Down

Stanford University tested the physiological sigh
as the fastest way to calm the nervous system. The
Shift makes it easy and habitual.

1 DEEP inhale through nose

2 INHALE again sharply

3 EXHALE through the Shift to release tension

Hear what the experts are saying.

Dr. Sara Rabinovitch, PHD

“I have found this to be immensely beneficial. What I think is brilliant about the Shift is that you can feel it around your neck and you get into the habit of using it to feel calm. I would recommend this product times 5,000 to anyone.”

Edmud Cavazos III, MD

“I’m physician / psychiatrist and want to offer my patients alternative treatment modalities. I wear one around my neck.BTW I am not getting paid for my comments...”

James Hallberg, Therapist / LCSW

“I have been raving about it to anyone that asks me about it. I love it because I get to inform them about how it is far from a whistle and is actually a mind-blowing concept and tool of healing.”

She was drowning in anxiety.
He was stressed out.

Meet Todd and Vanessa Steinberg, co-founders of Komuso Design. They created the Shift because they felt like passengers in their own lives: overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, feeling disconnected, searching for answers.

This is their story

Got questions?
We’d love to help.

For example: why do I need help breathing if it happens automatically; or, couldn’t I just breathe through a straw and receive the same benefits? Here’s a list of the most common questions we get about the Shift, and our answers.

If you have more questions, hit us up on social. We are committed to supporting your breathing journey every step of the way.

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Komuso created the first breathing necklace that uses an ancient straw breathing technique (proven by Stanford Labs’ physiological sigh) to be the most effective way to calm the nervous system. The chamber is measured to slow your exhale to 8+ seconds and works so well because you wear it. You end up using it on and off during your day and build the habit of breathwork to naturally feel good without chemicals, smoke, or tech. We also offer 30 day free returns so you can try it out.

Straws are randomly sized and break down. We designed this as a breathing necklace because when you wear it, the breathing technique becomes a habit. It's made with recycled top grade stainless steel baked with precious metal colors so it lasts a lifetime and never tarnishes. It's built to be used as a routine to feel better. We include a free digital course so you can learn how to use breathwork and other wellness techniques to create a daily wellness ritual. We offer free returns too if it doesn't change your life.

Komuso designed and patented the breathing necklace concept in 2017. Hundreds of counterfeit knock-offs are documented as scams that ship from China (take months to deliver if they arrive), use toxic metals for your mouth, copy Komuso’s story, and infringe on two patents. Our breathing necklace is made with only the best metals so the tool lasts a lifetime and doesn’t scratch or fade. We also include a free breath course delivered by the founder so you can learn how to get the most out of the necklace. We talk to customers everyday who bought the knock-off first, only to realize that they had been scammed.

Our original vaping replacement necklace has helped thousands of people quit because it replicates the long exhales which calm the nervous system which helps you pass nicotine cravings + reproduces the ‘drag’ feeling with some resistance on the inhale + replaces the oral fixation and hand to mouth motion which helps to rewire your neural pathways of your brain into developing the new habit of breathwork. Wearing the Komuso breathing necklace represents your commitment to being healthier and calmer on your journey to quit nicotine through breathwork.

You absolutely can. Most people understand that taking a deep breath can immediately help, but how many of us actually do that everyday? Wearing the Komuso breathing necklace makes you think about taking that deep breath which leads to you actually breathing deeply as a habit. Those deep breaths are like the rising tide that lifts all boats. Feel better, sleep better, think better, live better. Sometimes all it takes is a physical cue.

We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee if you live in the USA. We even send you a free shipping return label. Our return rate is less than 2% which is why we’re so confident that you’ll love it. You can pay via HSA/FSA at checkout if you have a medical savings account.


I am grateful that I made this purchase. I have a very busy life, am new to mindfulness, and have a difficult time reminding myself to slow down. Having the shift on me is a tangible...

In love with this!

I love this so much! It’s so beautiful, elegant and so well made. It really helps lower any sort of stress. It is the perfect tool to help you with taking a moment to breathe and...

Worth the wait

I am a yoga teacher and I still don't find I take in full breathes as I should. The shift has made a tremendous change in my life. I would recommend anyone buy this.

Thanks KOMUSO xo

Since I received my shift I have not only worn it everyday, but also used it to help me in stressful situations or just to help me relax and practice my breathing techniques my psychologist has...

Fabulous,pretty and so comforting

I love my Shift,I do blow gently through when needed,but I also love the tactile aspect too,it’s great just to hold when I can’t feel I can blow through it ie on public transport/publi place etc....

Overpriced Golden Straw or Real Results?

When I first bought this, there was a nagging voice in the back of my head that made me ask, am I about to spend over $100 on a golden straw? I'm so glad I didn't...

Does the Shift really work?

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