Growth Mindset for Young Adults

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Growth Mindset for Young Adults

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This course is led by Deepak Sharma, America's Teen Life Mastery Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. It is designed for kids aged 16-22. Your teen will develop the growth mindset, mental clarity and emotional intelligence that will allow them to imagine and create their successful future.
  • 7 video courses on essential, powerful life skills.
  • 3 instructor-led video breath courses

The content available in this course provides general information pertaining to breathing exercises and how they may be used to manage stress. This content is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed medical care professional familiar with your medical history and current mental and physical health. Please consult with your medical care provider if you are experiencing severe anxiety or emotional stress, having thoughts of self-harm, or struggling with substance abuse. Please seek the advice of a physician or your regular doctor with any questions about your general health, a medical condition, or related treatment, and consult your doctor before engaging in this course to ensure you are medically cleared for breathwork exercises.

IMPORTANT: Please do not practice breathwork while driving, in water, or while pregnant.

Worried about your teen’s future? Not sure how to help?

Imagine how they feel. Right now they are asking themselves some big questions:

  • Are my grades good enough? Am I good enough?
  • My friends make it look easy. Can I hack it in college?
  • I keep making mistakes, how can I do better?
  • There’s so much pressure, how can I do better?
  • I don’t know how to to get started. Am I even on the right path?

You can help them answer some big questions and overcome doubts that often paralyze our kids

as they confront series of life’s biggest transitions from high school, to college, to career.

You can help them answer some big questions and overcome doubts that often paralyze our kids as they confront series of life’s biggest transitions from high school, to college, to career.


What’s more important: math or

stress management?

“If a child can do advanced math, speak 3 languages, or receive top grades, but can’t manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution, or handle stress, none of that other sutff is really going to matter.” - Deepak Sharma

We measure the success of our kids in school through grades in math, English, science, and history. But when do they learn about managing stress and anxiety, how to regulate their emotions, to build and sustain self-confidence, and nurture mental health.

What’s in this course?

A systematic, transformational path forward to help them understand some basic, universal pillars of life. In this 7-day course, with roughly 15 minutes a day, your teen will learn essential skills not taught in school.

module 1

Universal Fears

module 2

Thoughts, Breath
& Feelings

module 3

Changing a
Negative Mindset

module 4

Your Human
Operating System

module 5

Limiting Beliefs
to Empowerment

module 6

The Universe:
Friend or Foe?

module 7

Imagine. Visualize.


Meet our teen
mastery coach.

Meet our teen
mastery coach.

Deepak Sharma is the founder of Volition Academy. He is an expert at improving work performance and increasing efficiency. He is also an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, which means he’s an expert in a research-backed framework for mastery in life and business.

1 -on- 1

Deepk also offers 1 -on- 1 training and support, customized for your teen’s specific situation and goals. He offers free consultations to help you determine if the video course or more hands-on training would be the best path forward.

Book a call with Deepak.

Michelle Cooper & Holly

Real Parents, Real Results.

Holly’s first year of college was a struggle. She missed her dad, was frustrated with virtual classes, and failed driving tests as a result. Deepak immediately kickstarted her shift into his program that changed everything. She made the Dean’s list twice, passed her driving test, finished the year with a 4.0 GPAA, and even began to work out.

“I consider Deepaak’s coaching a non-negotiable!”


When it comes to our kids, we
always have questions.

Money-Back Guarantee

We truly believe in the power and effectiveness of this course, and in Deepak’s
expertise and proven track record of success with Volition Academy. If you do not
believe this course will be effective in helping your teen define and create their
extraordinary future, contact us for a full refund.

Unlock their potential.



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