Wellness Gifts with a Purpose: The Ultimate Guide for Holiday 2023.

NOV 21 , 2023

We are all about gifting goodness that goes beyond the box. Let's be real: giving gifts is fun, but it's truly special when your present has a heartwarming purpose, right? 

So, if you’re on the hunt for gifts that do more than just impress at first glance, you've landed in the right spot! Here are a few of our favorite unique wellness gifts, each one wrapped with love, meaning, and a dash of purpose. 

Discover presents that promise not just a moment of joy, but a lasting impact too.

At just 17 years of age Kai & his parents, Mike & Jo (also ‘neurospicy’ & an Occupational Therapist) are helping shape the face of sensory supports for improved mental health of teens and adults. Kai is both Dyslexic and Autistic and started making fidgets in 2017, as a result of being teased at school for using colorful, kiddie-like fidgets. The difficulty is much of what was available to fidget with was either noisy, childish, or easily broken. Determined to find something suitable and stylish for himself, he turned to metal to make his own! Soon enough, instead of being teased - he got requests for them, and Kaiko Fidgets was born! With a strong focus on function, age-appropriate appeal, and durability, Kai and his parents design and create a huge range of supports, including tools for harm minimization, emotional regulation, and focus.

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Gift a moment of calm with the beautifully crafted Komuso Shift necklace, not just a beautiful accessory, but a scientific tool designed to anchor you to the present moment and infuse your day with mindful breaths. The Shift effortlessly guides the mind and body into a calming space within a few breaths. The Shift helps to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, increase focus, and even quit smoking and vaping. Available in the classic, active, or cuff version, each piece offers its own unique style and design. Here’s to gifting moments of calm, crafted with intention and wrapped in the gentle embrace of mindful living.

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Gift "Our Serendipity," a dedicated wellness app for those with autoimmune diseases. Inspired by personal experiences, it offers resources like recipes, meditation guides, and exercises alongside a supportive community forum and marketplace. With a focus on holistic well-being, both physical and emotional, "Our Serendipity" encourages users to thrive, not just survive. Empower someone you know to take control of their health journey today.

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Discover the gift of mindful change with Rotezen, created by a licensed psychotherapist to seamlessly merge a guided journal and a three-month planner with a dash of daily inspiration. More than a writing space, it gently steers the user toward impactful micro-adjustments in their routine, embodying a daily dose of peace and significant change. Its integrated breathwork exercises offer a simple yet powerful method to infuse each day with mindful moments and meaningful shifts. A thoughtful wellness gift, Rotezen is an invitation to a journey of personal transformation and peace for your loved ones.

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Searching for the perfect holiday gift that keeps on giving? Look no further than enrollment in Life is Mental University. Dubbed the center of personal transformation, this unique university goes beyond traditional education to impart life-changing mental strategies and wisdom. Tailored for those hungry for personal growth, its courses are expertly curated to unlock the boundless potential within every individual. With guidance from renowned professionals in psychology and personal development, every lesson becomes a step toward self-betterment. The University's practical and actionable strategies ensure that students don't just learn, but also implement their knowledge to enhance their overall well-being and relationships.

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Mache designs beautiful yoga and fitness storage that supports your practice while honoring the planet. Mache is the result of 13 years of experience in earth-friendly, sustainable design. All of their yoga storage products are handmade locally in the Pacific Northwest in small batches and processed clean. They strive to make useful & inspiring goods that reflect responsible manufacturing. Not only is the final product eco-friendly, but the fabrication process is too! You can find yoga storage bundles and their most recent release, yoga blocks made with balsa wood and beeswax. If you thought your yogi friends had everything, think again!  

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Curated by therapists, TheraBox delivers easy joy through premium wellness and lifestyle items from mission-driven, cruelty-free brands. Emphasizing quality, it champions natural, clean, and often organic products.

Gift TheraBox subscriptions of 3, 6, or 12 months without auto-renew worries. Fancy a throwback? Choose a one-time past box.

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The Oura Ring is a sleek and modern wearable device that fits on your finger like a traditional ring. Designed with advanced sensors, it tracks various health metrics such as sleep quality, heart rate variability, temperature, and activity levels. By providing insights into one's well-being and daily rhythms, the Oura Ring helps individuals better understand their body and make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle. As a gift, it's perfect for someone who values health, wellness, and technology, offering both fashion and functionality. Whether they're a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional, or just someone curious about their health, the Oura Ring can serve as a daily companion to better living. 

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Cards by Jakob

Jakob is 22. He’s autistic and has apraxia. He’s always loved everything to do with sending and receiving cards, drawing, packaging and shipping, and going to the post office. So we decided to take all of that and turn it into a business for him, Cards by Jakob. His speech is unreliable, and he just recently became able to communicate by using an iPad and keyboard. He told us through spelling words one letter at a time that Cards by Jakob is his dream job, and he loves packaging and shipping the most. When we asked him why, he answered, “helping send smiles.” He offers cards for all seasons, calendars, coloring books, and apparel featuring his clever and whimsical art. A portion of the proceeds helps support the Ken Anderson Alliance. They create LIVE, WORK, and ENGAGE opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. 

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Immerse your loved ones in a cocoon of warmth and therapeutic goodness with the Higher Dose Sauna Blanket. It isn't merely a gift but a vessel of countless self-care sessions, where every envelopment in its heated embrace is a step towards detoxification, relaxation, and holistic well-being.

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Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

James Nestor's enlightening book "Breath" emerges as a thoughtful and significant gift and is especially relevant in our fast-paced, stress-inducing modern lives. The book does not merely explore the scientific aspects of breathing; it delves deep into the history, mechanics, and transformative power of every inhale and exhale, encapsulating tales of scientific studies and personal experiences that are both enthralling and enlightening. Gifting "Breath" isn’t just presenting a book; it’s offering a tool for enhanced well-being, providing the recipient with insights into how the simple, often overlooked act of breathing can profoundly impact health, performance, and quality of life. 

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Ice Barrel makes the perfect holiday gift for loved ones looking to level up their wellness! The Ice Barrel 300 and 400 are effective, compact, and durable tools that make it easy to incorporate cold therapy into your wellness and recovery routines. For anyone new to cold therapy, benefits include improving mood and mental health, reducing inflammation, promoting better recovery and performance, and increasing metabolism. Perfect for wellness enthusiasts, athletes, or anyone embracing a holistic approach to health, this innovative item offers a convenient and effective way to engage in cold-water immersion, right in the comfort of home. 

Get cold!

The Big Life Journal - Daily Edition is a science-based journal that helps children grow resilient, confident, and emotionally healthy. The daily activities inside the journal help children focus on encouraging, self-loving thoughts and wire their brains for a growth mindset, resilience, confidence, gratitude, kindness, and self-love.

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Gift with Purpose. Gift a Shift.