10 Breaths to Manage Stress

Simple tools to help you manage any stressful situation.

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10 Breaths to Manage Stress

Simple tools to help you manage any stressful situation.

1 review
Our resident breathing coach will teach you 10 breathing exercises to address most common daily stressors. Lower anxiety, stop-over thinking, sleep better, relieve social anxiety, boost energy, find more patience, and more.
  • Includes 10 breathing courses with experienced breathing coach
  • Helps you control most common daily stressors
  • Simple techniques you can use anywhere

The content available in this course provides general information pertaining to breathing exercises and how they may be used to manage stress. This content is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed medical care professional familiar with your medical history and current mental and physical health. Please consult with your medical care provider if you are experiencing severe anxiety or emotional stress, having thoughts of self-harm, or struggling with substance abuse. Please seek the advice of a physician or your regular doctor with any questions about your general health, a medical condition, or related treatment, and consult your doctor before engaging in this course to ensure you are medically cleared for breathwork exercises.

IMPORTANT: Please do not practice breathwork while driving, in water, or while pregnant.

Who here feels worried? Or nervous? Or stressed out?

All of the above and more? Looking for a simple solution to reduce all those feelings?

  • Would you like to sleep better? Worry less? Be less nervous?
  • Do you have an upcoming flight you are stressed about?
  • A doctor or dentist appointment you are nervous about?
  • Are you worried about a social or professional event?
  • Do you get stuck overthinking things?
  • Would you like more energy? More focus? More control over how you feel?
  • Do you just want to lower stress and be more patient?

It doesn’t get much easier than this. In this course, you’ll get 10 simple breathing

exercises that will help you develop a toolkit that will help manage stress.

Overcome Stress Today

Breath practice benefits in minutes:

How and where you’ll feel the difference.

No matter the situation or goal, this breathing course provides simple instructions to help you feel better in general, and address the specific situations outlined below.

Each course will take you a few minutes to complete, and reward you with breathwork benefits that you will feel all day long. Continue to practice these techniques throughout your day, and when the situation calls for it, and you’ll feel even better.

We have a breath for this, that, and the other.

Learn to control all the feels with these simple techniques in this expert-led course.

module 1

Prepape for
Times of Stress

module 2

Find Patience
with Family

module 3

Pause the

module 4

Sleep Better

module 5

Wake Up
with Clarity

module 6

Boost Energy
& Focus

module 7


module 8

Transition with

module 9

Release Social

module 10

Shift Travel

Yes to 10 Breaths.

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Simple instruction from

our breathing coach.

Simple instruction from

our breathing coach.

Valerie is a Certified Breathing Coach and Facilitator, who helps people learn breathwork and somatic practices to regulate their nervous system and to release stress from their body and life. She is on a mission to help everybody improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being with the healing power of the breath.

Conquer stress.


You have questions. We have answers.

Learn to control all the feels with these simple techniques in this expert-led course.

Money-Back Guarantee

We truly believe in the power and effectiveness of this course. We’re confident that
once you start practicing these breathing exercises, you will be equipped with 10
proven techniques, and will be able to manage your daily stressors more effectively.

Feel better now.



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