Komuso Cofounder: Why I created the Cuff Shift.

I remember reading comments on our site and on social following the launch of the Shift.

A few comments stuck with me. Still do to this day.

Some moms were saying they couldn’t use it because their kids would grab it and pull on it, or it would get tangled up in all the different tasks moms are responsible for day in day out.

And I remember struggling with this, I couldn’t relate, I kept thinking and seeing it from the breathing side of things and was caught up thinking about how versatile and practical and effective this tool was.

Then my son Sebastian was born, and instantly I understood.


Suddenly this necklace was no longer a source of calm. 

It became a stress for me as it got in the way of all the things I needed to do as a new mom.

At that moment, I decided I wanted another version of the Shift that was more practical. Something I could wear all day, in any environment, no matter the situation.

But, the look of it still had to satisfy my creative side, it still had to check some boxes to satisfy that designer in me. I still wanted something that was minimal and elegant.

In short, I wanted a lot and was initially overwhelmed with the idea.

That was three years ago. I let it sit for about a year, but the idea and the need kept tapping me on the shoulder.

I was hesitant at first. I couldn’t figure out why until I started sketching some rough ideas. 

Instantly it hit me. I was anxious about returning to the mindset of my previous job. I use the tools and skills I developed during my career as a Senior Fashion Designer daily. But this process was a little closer than I really wanted to get. I left that job because of the stress and anxiety I normalized, the unhealthy relationship I had with work, and the general disconnect I allowed from all the things that truly matter to me.

I had found peace and reconnected with the joys of each day. I was in the driver’s seat again and I was afraid I would lose all of this if I returned to that mindset. I was afraid those feelings would resurface, and I would let them take over.

So, I guess you could say the process of creating the Cuff Shift was a bit of a rollercoaster.

But this time, I was stronger. And eventually I realized I was stronger. I reconnected to the joys of designing and concepting and sketching, and it actually helped me overcome some of those fears. I began to enjoy the process again, to remember why I chose to become a designer in the first place.

Versatile. Elegant. Tough. Effective.

The Cuff Shift is made for all your environments.

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So, why a cuff?

One thing I kept coming back to was a desire for options.

I wanted a tool that could go everywhere, and I didn’t want the tool to look like a tool.

I’ve always loved things that have multiple purposes. I love the feeling of surprise as you discover ways to use everyday tools in multiple ways. And I’ve always loved a big reveal. But most of all, I’ve always loved solving problems.

So, I needed a breathing tool that would be with me everywhere, that I could depend on as a source of calm, something that would help me relieve anxiety and stress in the moment.

I needed a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also something versatile, something minimal, and something that not only didn’t get in the way of all the roles I play throughout any given day, but was tough enough to stand up to them.

And ultimately, I needed something that would normalize this process of breathing better to find peace and feel more calm, regardless of the environment or situation.

And so, after two years of development, the Cuff Shift is ready. I hope you love it as much as I do, and I hope it helps you connect to your moment, and find your calm.



Co-Founder | Creative Director



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The Cuff Shift is the perfect marriage of form and function. It is a practical (and as discreet as you’d like it to be) breathing tool that reduces anxiety and stress. It is a sleek, elegant, minimal statement piece that goes with any look. And it is a versatile piece of everyday jewelry that stands up to the rigors of any and every role we fill.